Covid-19 Updates

All latest Covid-19 Updates

With the current move to Tier 2 for London, restrictions have been placed on martial arts and training facilities. As such, we have to abide by England Boxing Associations guidelines which implies the following training restrictions:


  • No Sparring whatsoever
  • No pad-work, or partner-work
  • Members must bring their own equipment (gloves/wraps/skipping ropes)
  • Members must be spaced out in a 2 metre distance from other members where possible, or at least a 1 metre distance.
  • Maximum members allowed is 3 square metres radius per person, i.e. 15 people for our facility.

What You Must Do

We ask members follow these rules to help prevent the spread of Covid and keep our gym running:


  • No entering the premises with any symptoms of Covid-19
  • No spectators
  • Visitors must wear a mask if viewing the training facility
  • You must use hand sanitizer regularly while at the premise, stations are placed all around the facility
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow if sneezing or coughing and use the toilet immediately
  • Bring your own equipment, do not share gloves or hand-wraps
  • Please mind a 2 metre distance from other members
  • No handshakes to other members

WHAT we are doing

Your safety is our primary concern in these times, and we are trying our best to keep the place Covid-safe. To achieve this we have implemented the following:


  • 5 hand sanitizer stations around areas of the gym for easy access
  • An infrared thermal heat gun that shows the temperature of every person in the class from distance
  • A disinfectant spray is used around the gym between each lesson to disinfect the floor, bags, and equipment quickly
  • We have hired extra cleaning staff to ensure the premises is cleaned throughout the day
  • We are turning people away with and symptoms of Covid-19 or temperatures above 38 degrees
  • We have added more staff to help divide classes into groups of 6
  • Appropriate signage has been placed around the gym to clarify number limits of different areas
  • Seating area has been converted into training area for more space
  • A limit of 15 in the main hall and 5 in the lower hall have been implemented
  • All members must provide an e-mail or phone number for test and trace purposes
  • Redesign of our training space for more bags and space between them

The Future

To prevent over-saturation of our service and to keep the premise safe, direct debit members will take priority. In the event of too much demand, we will cut-off all new members access and create a waiting list, giving access to only direct debit users.

We will follow all government announcements to provide any further information to any changes or restrictions that may take place in the future.