Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions is an agreement between you Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd.


You will be referred to as the ‘Buyer’ in this section. The Buyer agrees to the following conditions:

  1.  The Buyer will be granted access to all eligible Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. classes within their monthly time-frame.
  2. Payment will be taken from the Buyer on the first of every month, with a pro-rated payment of the remainder of the current month. This is calculated as price divided by current days in the month multiplied by remaining days in the month.
  3. Whilst on direct debit the Buyer is protected from any price increases Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. may impose unless they cancel their direct debit.
  4. Direct debits can be paused for up to 3 months whilst being price protected until they will be terminated and required to pay the new price.
  5. Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. reserves the right to deny the Buyer training for any reasons they see suitable with a full refund of your subscription.
  6. To pause your direct debit the Buyer must notify Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. 14 days in advance.
  7. As long as Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. is operating boxing classes the Buyer is not entitled to a refund if they did not cancel before a payment came out.
  8. A refund is eligible when Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. is unable to offer their service; the Buyer has requested to cancel/pause a payment with more than 14 days notice and the payment has come out regardless; a student has been banned from Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd.’s venue; the wrong amount has been deducted from the Buyer’s account.
  9. Any refunds the Buyer has received but is not entitled to will need to be returned upon request by Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. or otherwise may face legal consequences.
  10. A Croydon Boxing Gym subscription requires the Buyer to follow the Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. rules listed below or face their subscription being terminated and possibly banned from the venue.


The person attending the class will be referred to as the ‘Student’ or ‘Students’ and the Coach will be referred to as the ‘Coach’. When purchasing any Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd. services you agree to these rules where applicable.

  1. The students must arrive at the lesson on time and must not be late.
  2. Student’s must have the correct attire, such as trainers/boxing shoes, shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings, t-shirt/hoodie/long-sleeve shirt/crop top. Student’s can not enter a class topless, in sandals, socks, barefoot, in underpants only.
  3.  Student’s must be well-groomed ensuring their fingernails are short and filed, and they are clean and absent of foul odour. Student’s must make sure their clothes are cleaned well and do not produce foul odours.
  4. Student’s must not loiter around the venue before training starts and after training has finished and are expected to leave within 5 minutes of the lesson finishing.
  5. Student’s must ensure they do not create mess in the venue and all equipment returned to its original spot and no litter left lying around.
  6. Student’s must follow the instructions of the Coach at all times and not ignore him.
  7. Student’s must not talk back to the Coach or disrespect him or any other staff at Croydon Boxing Gym.
  8. Student’s must not spar without a Coach present.
  9. Student’s must respect other members of the gym and not insult, abuse, or disrespect them.
  10. Student’s must not enter the training area before their class starts.
Failing to follow the rules may result in your removal from the premise and possibly a ban from Croydon Boxing Gym’s venue and services.

Safety Waiver

When training at Croydon Boxing Gym you adhere to our safety risks associated with boxing and vigorous exercise. By accepting this agreement:

  1. I HEREBY accept all risks of participating in boxing and related physical activity and understand that I may sustain serious or life-threatening injuries by participating in such activities offered by Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd, and including by way of example but not limitation, from negligence or carelessness on the part of the person or entities being released, from dangerous or defective equipment or property owned, maintained, or controlled by them, or due to their possibile liability without fault.
  2. I DECLARE that I am physically fit and able to preform in demanding physical activities offered by Croydon Boxing Gym, and have no medical condition, physical or mental, that would jeprodise my health through straineous physical training, or have been advised to not train by a medical professional.
  3. I ACCEPT responsibility to inform my instructor, coach, or person supervising me of any physical or health related issues that may lead to my injury.
  4. I ACKNOWLEDGE that this Safety Waiver and Liability Release form will be used by Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd, its coaches, instructors, and afiliates, to allow myself to be participate in physical activity.
  5. IN CONSIDERATION of this agreement with Croydon Boxing Gym to permit me to train in their activities, I hereby take full responsibility for my own actions, and ensure my excecutors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, all follow:
  6. I WAIVER, RELEASE AND DISCHARGE Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd of all liability to which they could be held responsibile for, including but not limited to, liability from negligence or fault from the persons being released, for loss of sight, disability, personal injury, property theft, or even death, THE FOLLOWING ENTITIES OR PERSONS ARE DEFINED AS: Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd, it’s directors/shareholders, medical staff, instructors, coaches, volunteers, cleaners, representatives, promotors, agents, sponsors.
  7. I ACKNOWLEDGE that the activities upheld at Croydon Boxing Gym Ltd will place stress on ones physical and mental strength, which may result in serious injury or even death.