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Beginners boxing is an adult only class for males and females to learn the fundamentals of boxing.

Whatever your goals are, whether it is self-defence, fitness, or competitive boxing, we can help. With professional staff with high-level competitive experience, you will be able to learn the correct techniques and movements for boxing from the best. Once you learn the fundamentals, we cement them into your memory by practising on the bags over until it becomes second nature. As this happens, you’ll notice physical developments in both strength and stamina.

Why Boxing?

Boxing is an age old art, and is always growing in popularity. The reason it is so well respected lies in the training. Boxing is the most cardio-intensive sport in the world, burning an average of 800 calories an hour. Pushing your body to the limit, you will notice massive changes in short periods of time. This includes, defined muscles, improved stamina, more power, and even a better posture.

Plus, boxing is fairly easy to get the hang of!
Punching is human nature, but to do it well is where it gets hard. We break each movement down so that you can easily process the movement step-by-step. Footwork, head movement, arm placement, formation of the punch, using your body mass. 


Key Benefits of boxing


 Strength plays an important role in boxing. Not so much arm strength, but core. To achieve sharp, powerful punches and quick movement, you need to have a strong core. That’s why we ensure every lesson we include ab work at the end. You will notice significant development the more you train as the exercises become easier and your movement becomes sharper. Coupled with abs, we include a lot of body-weight exercises during the lesson to intensify the workout and evenly train your muscles.


Boxing is known to be one of the best exercises for getting, and keeping fit. A single round of boxing is three minutes, where you will be constantly moving, throwing punches, and defending yourself. Because of this, elite boxers run every single day and have exceptional stamina. Therefore, this demand for fitness is implemented at all levels of training to prepare you for an actual sparring session. Each class, expect an intense warm-up with running, circuits, and countless rounds of bag-work to push you to your limits!


Being able to defend yourself is important. Without seeking it, trouble can come your way. Boxing is one of the most effective forms of defence, as it can be used in almost all situations. Regardless of attire or environment, you can expect to throw a punch to defend yourself. It is quick, powerful, and can catch your opponent off guard. Our lessons teach you how to defend yourself using boxing.


Boxing can build your confidence. As your body starts changing and becomes more athletic, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin. Being able to defend yourself, your improved strength and overall physique will all boost your confidence. Boxing also helps the production of endorphines, dopamine, and seratonin which all help mental well-being. In turn, you should feel confident and happier!

What is beginner boxing?

At Croydon Boxing Gym, our beginner boxing session is designed to teach those with little to no boxing experience the fundamentals. It is a friendly class for both males and females to learn footwork, head movement, defence and the basic punching combinations.

A typical lesson will consist of a 15 minute warm-up; a 5 minute stretch; 30 minutes of practicing techniques and punching combinations on the bag, and the last 10 minutes is strength and conditioning. Our lesson has a little for everyone. Whether it’s fitness, strength, or just wanting to box, we will help you.

In beginners boxing we don’t typically do sparring. If you wish to spar, you must progress into our intermediate class first. To spar, you must be able to defend yourself to a respectable standard to avoid injury!

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