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Beginners Boxing

Beginners Boxing

Join our adult beginners boxing class for both males and females, designed to master boxing fundamentals. Whether your aim is self-defense, fitness, or competitive boxing, our expert staff, boasting high-level competitive experience, ensures you learn correct techniques effectively. Practice on bags solidifies fundamentals until they’re second nature, leading to noticeable physical developments in strength and stamina. Start your boxing journey with us today!

WHY do beginners BOXING?

Embark on your boxing journey with our beginners class, tailored for newcomers of all ages and skill levels. Discover the many reasons to start boxing, from fitness and self-defense to building confidence and enhancing overall well-being. Our expert instructors provide personalized guidance, ensuring you master fundamental techniques while enjoying the numerous physical and mental benefits boxing offers. Start your path to empowerment and physical fitness today with our beginners boxing class.

Beginner Boxer on bag


At Croydon Boxing Gym, our beginners boxing session welcomes individuals with little to no boxing experience, providing a friendly environment for both males and females to learn essential skills like footwork, head movement, defense, and basic punching combinations.

Each session includes a 15-minute warm-up, a 5-minute stretch, 30 minutes of technique practice and bag work, and a concluding 10 minutes of strength and conditioning exercises, catering to all fitness levels and goals.

While our beginners class focuses on skill development, sparring is reserved for our intermediate level. We prioritize safety, ensuring participants demonstrate adequate self-defense skills before advancing to sparring. Join us and kickstart your boxing journey today!



Core strength is vital for sharp, powerful punches and agile movement in boxing. That's why our lessons prioritize ab work, ensuring you develop a strong core for enhanced performance. With consistent training, you'll notice significant improvements as exercises become easier and movements sharper. Plus, our workouts feature body-weight exercises to intensify training and evenly strengthen muscles. Join us in our beginners boxing lessons to start learning now!


Boxing stands out as one of the most effective workouts for achieving and maintaining peak fitness levels. In just three-minute rounds, you'll experience continuous movement, punch throwing, and defense, ensuring a heart-pumping workout. Our beginners boxing classes boost fitness to allow you to perform your techniques consistently. Each class features an intense warm-up, including running, circuits, and rigorous bag-work, pushing you to surpass your limits. Book a trial and start getting fit today!


Self-defense is crucial for personal safety. Boxing emerges as a highly effective defense method applicable in various situations. Whether dressed casually or in any environment, boxing equips you with quick, powerful techniques to fend off threats. Our lessons focus on teaching practical self-defense through boxing, ensuring you're prepared to protect yourself confidently.


Boxing transforms your body and boosts self-assurance as you become more athletic and comfortable in your skin. Enhanced strength and physique, coupled with self-defense skills, elevate confidence levels. Moreover, boxing stimulates the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, enhancing mental well-being and fostering a happier, more confident you!