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Intermediate Boxing


Intermediate boxing covers a wide skill-group of white-collar to semi-professionals. We put the fighters together in order to encourage progression from friendly competition. Therefore, those who wish to participate in this class must be at a good level in boxing, and know all the fundamentals.

The main difference of intermediate boxing is it contains sparring. Each lessons we gather a new group of students to spar whilst the rest practice their techniques on the bag and improve their fitness. We rotate students daily so everyone gets the opportunity to spar.


If you're interested in doing white-collar boxing for a charity event or otherwise, we can supplement your training. We will help you prepare for your fight by giving you fighting tips and plenty of sparring. You will get an opportunity to train with amateur and semi-professional boxers to get a fighting edge over your opposition.


Another popular fighting choice we often get is Queensbury rules boxing. A few of our fighters have won championships in Queensbury. Our coaches will help you prepare for the fast-paced rhythm of Queensbury with a strict regime. Movement is emphasised due to the large 24-foot sized rings.


Our intermediate boxing class is ideal for those who wish to compete in amateur boxing. Intermediate boxing is designed to prepare you for competitive fighting. Our lessons are packed with sparring, endless rounds on the bags, and a high level of cardio. People can expect to fight under Croydon Boxing Gym in just a few months of training depending on your current skill-level.


If you want to step on the professional scene, then look no further. We have made many professional since we started our gym. If you feel you have enough experience, then contact us through e-mail or call to get more information. If you are training to become professional you can still enquire. To find out about the options you have to become a professional please click the link below.