Women's Boxing

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Whether you want fitness, endurance, or technical ability, we are here to guide you. 

We have a vigorous regime designed to improve your overall physical ability through circuits, running, pad-work, bag-work, and core training. Burning up to 1000 calories per hour, our boxing lessons will show results faster than ever. Coupled with our technique training, we also equip you with a powerful means of self-defence.

Why Boxing?

Learning to box might sound scary at first, but we assure you, it’s easy and fun. Boxing is an art that comes naturally to most, and is often quite easy to pick up. The effectiveness of boxing as a self-defence is second to none. Wherever you may be, throwing a punch against an a attacker makes you less of a target and aids your escape. There is a reason behind boxing’s popularity, and that is for it’s physically demanding training regime that gives results.



Unlike other martial arts, boxing is effective in cramped environments as well as open space. The power you generate is not from your arms, but from your body mass. This means despite your weight your can still pack power behind every shot. Throwing a punch on target, makes yourself less of a target.


People often neglect mobility as a benefit. Stretching the small muscles around your joints allows your body greater flexibility and mobility. This is a life-time benefit as it helps prevent arthritis and muscle deterioration. It will also help improve your posture, especially with the strengthening of the back muscles you achieve with boxing.


With fitness, boxing is the most cardiovascular art out there. Each round of boxing is a 3 minute sprint, burning around 1000 calories per hour. With a good diet a professional boxer can go from a natural body-weight of 80kg to 66kg in the span of a month. So, who better to learn it from than our professional instructors who personally went through these transformations? 

Our female members notice drastic improvements in their physical development within just a month of training. All the circuits, running, core workouts, body-weight exercises, and bag & pad work pays off quickly!


Losing weight is often seen as a challenging task that you just can't seem to stick to! Sometimes dieting on its own just isn't enough. In an average boxing lesson you can expect to burn an average of 800 calories an hour. That's the highest of any sport, and nearly half what a female eats daily! So, throw a jab, and lose the flab. (nobody says that)

Muscle Toning

People often think boxing will give them bulky muscles like Anthony Joshua. However, sports like boxing that require so much energy to continuously punch mean your muscles end up toned rather than bulky. Boxing trains all the small muscles in your body to give a more round a complete look than just the big muscles.

Training enviornment

In our Women’s Only boxing classes we offer you a calm environment without competition or judgement so you can focus on yourself. We carefully plan out our classes to focus on giving you a workout that will leave you feeling satisfied, but without pushing you to the point of injury. The key to achieving goals is consistency, so we want you to be too sore to train the next day!


Our gym has everything you need to workout. From a dumbbell rack, kettle-bells, heavy bags, and much more! We work hard to make sure the gym is clean and tidy at all times. This includes our changing and toilet facilities.

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