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Kids Boxing


Discover the excitement of our kids’ boxing classes! Tailored for ages 5+, our dynamic sessions blend fitness, fun, and fundamental boxing skills in a safe, supportive environment. Join us as we empower young champions to build confidence, discipline, and strength, one punch at a time!


Introduce your child to the empowering world of boxing, perfect for their first sport! Our classes instill confidence, promote health, and nurture leadership and teamwork skills. We prioritize fitness and strength, laying a foundation for lifelong growth. Beyond fighting, we teach a lifestyle centered on self-improvement and empowerment, fostering a mentality for success into adulthood.



At Croydon Boxing Gym, safety comes first for our children. Our boxing lessons empower them with self-defense skills, equipping them to protect themselves from bullies or strangers. We teach them to be confident in dangerous situations and when to use boxing appropriately. As they grow, our students gain the confidence to stand up against bullies and other threats, fostering a safe and empowered community.


Boxing, an art form, prioritizes fitness and well-being, becoming a lifestyle of regular training and healthy eating. Our boxing classes instill health consciousness in children, fostering lifelong habits of exercise and sports. Starting young, they're more likely to sustain physical activity as they grow older, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.


At Croydon Boxing Gym, our lessons integrate extensive strength and conditioning routines. With exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees between rounds, we ensure continuous muscle engagement and strength development. Additionally, 10 minutes of abs work in every lesson strengthens core muscles vital for powering boxing movements. These benefits extend beyond boxing, enhancing performance in various sports and daily activities.


Discover the fitness advantages of kids' boxing: improved cardiovascular health, strength, coordination, and agility. Our high-intensity workouts build confidence, relieve stress, and foster discipline and focus. Plus, boxing promotes socialization and teamwork, offering holistic well-being and valuable life skills for success.


Boxing is an effective self-defense method, enabling swift reactions to unexpected situations. Whether in tight spaces or open areas, our techniques empower students to defend and neutralize potential threats. Vital for addressing bullies at school or potential threats on the street, self-defense is a fundamental skill everyone should possess.


Our boxing classes cultivate confidence by fostering teamwork and communication skills among students. Progress in training boosts self-assurance, empowering individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin and less concerned about others' opinions as they grow physically.