Our boxercise lessons are a high-intensity fitness workout designed to burn fat, and tone muscle. Our lessons includes a lot of running, circuits, cardio, body-weight exercises and bag work.

Every class starts with an intense 20 minute warm-up and finishes with a core workout. Unlike regular boxing, the key focus is to keep fit and tone your body to become more athletic. However, we do include technique in these classes to ensure you aren’t cheating!


Why do boxercise?


Our boxercise classes focus a lot on strength training. Throughout the class you will do leg workouts, upper body workouts, and a lot of core. From boxing with dumbbells, to weighted exercises, your muscles will always be activated. Between every set on the bags we make students do a different exercise to engage their muscles and keep the intensity on. Of course, we won’t push you past your limits in order to prevent any injuries!


Boxing burns an average of 800 calories per hour, higher than any other sport. However, this is Boxercise. An intense version of boxing. Our classes are designed to get you to the fittest state you have ever been in your life. We want you leaving feeling satisfied. A normal lesson could include laps of running upstairs in the car-park, followed by a stretch, and straight into a bag circuits, then a weights circuits. Not before ending with an intense core crunch workout!


Our boxercise classes are known to be very friendly and a relaxed environment to train. Students motivate and help encourage others to complete exercises if they are struggling. We have an evenly split class of males and females, making a very relaxing environment to train in. There is no competition or judgement, but rather everyone working together to get fit!

Improved mood

Boxercise will leave you feeling with an improved mood. The mental benefits of training in boxing are the increased production of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. These chemicals in your brain produce the happy feeling. Therefore, boxercise will leave you with a smile on your face. Mental health is often a neglected part of exercising, and for some it can help prevent mental disorders like depression!

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