Our Coaches

All Croydon Boxing Gym coaches are professionally qualified with years of training and experience. All of our coaches have a professional boxing background to ensure you get the best quality instructing out there.

We have a group of support staff that volunteer their time to helping the beginners at our club in order to help their community. These people come in most days to give free advice, one-to-one training, and help with warm-ups.


Meet the coaches

Ted Bami

Ted Bami

Ted "Dangerous" Bami

Head Coach


Ted Bami is the head coach at Croydon Boxing Gym. With over 30 professional boxing fights, he became the European Champion in just 14 fights. He later became the WBF World Champion in the Super-Lightweight division.

With over 25 years of boxing experience, Ted Bami is one of the most prestigious coaches in Britain with many high level professional boxers training under him. Most of which are in Britain’s top rank ranks. 

His years of experience competing in the Super-Lightweight division is reflected in his teaching with high intensity workouts. Years of cutting and shedding weight makes his lessons intense, stamina-building workouts. Ted teaches all levels of boxing at our gym, from beginners, to professionals. This way everyone gets the same experience and there is no elitism.


Michael Likalu

Michael "Leopardman" Likalu



Michael is one of our first students. Within two years he has pushed himself to the professional ranks of boxing with his vigorous training regime. Training 6 times a week, and with strict dieting, he has earned himself a place at the professional scene.

Michael’s fighting style is quick, fast-paced and high intensity. Using speed and power with cat-like reflexes, he presses his opponent. His fighting style is reflected in his teaching as he focuses a lot on stamina, technique and speed.

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