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All Croydon Boxing Gym coaches are professionally qualified with years of training and experience. All of our coaches have a professional boxing background to ensure you get the best quality instructing out there.

We have a group of support staff that volunteer their time to helping the beginners at our club in order to help their community. These people come in most days to give free advice, one-to-one training, and help with warm-ups.



Meet Ted “Dangerous” Bami, a boxing legend with a stellar career spanning 33 professional fights, triumphing in 26 bouts. As the BBBofC British Welterweight Champion, European EBU Champion, and WBF Super Welterweight World Champion, Ted’s expertise earned him the moniker “Dangerous.”

Transitioning into coaching, Ted now leads our gym, nurturing students of all levels. With a proven track record, Ted has coached renowned boxers like Richard Riakporhe and Chris Kongo, propelling them to success.

Certified by the British Boxing Board of Control and holding a Level 2 England Boxing Amateur Coach certification, Ted delivers personalized guidance in every class, ensuring growth for all.

Despite his accolades, Ted remains grounded, dedicated to sharing his expertise with the community, from novices to pros.


Athenee, our dedicated female boxing coach, leads our women’s only class with expertise. As a certified England Boxing coach with extensive experience in fitness and martial arts, Athenee’s journey is truly inspiring. Having undergone a remarkable body transformation through boxing, she now gives back to her community, empowering others to achieve their fitness aspirations.


Athenee’s commitment extends to fitness competitions, where she continually challenges herself and serves as a role model for women. Her lessons offer a fun approach to fitness and self-defense, welcoming individuals of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, and religions.


Meet Victor, a passionate amateur boxing coach dedicated to community engagement. With a decade-long background as an amateur boxer, Victor boasts titles including national novice champion, London ABA champion, and SE London ABA champion.


Drawing from his extensive experience, Victor prioritizes mentorship and support, guiding aspiring boxers towards success in amateur competitions. Renowned for his rigorous pad-work sessions, his coaching emphasizes discipline and technique, empowering boxers to excel in the ring

Dean Barnaby


Meet Dean Barnaby, a distinguished figure in the world of boxing instruction, known for his dual expertise as a licensed Amateur and Professional Boxing Coach sanctioned by the esteemed British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC). With a career spanning from the amateur ranks to coaching professionals, Dean brings a wealth of experience to the ring.

His coaching prowess extends beyond the technical aspects, as Dean is highly regarded for his proficiency in strength and conditioning, a vital component in honing champions. But what truly sets Dean apart is his unwavering commitment to community enrichment through the art of boxing.

Rooted in his early days as an amateur boxer, where he boasted an impressive record of 10 wins out of 11 bouts, Dean’s journey in combat sports began with an intensive background in Kyokushin Karate, instilling in him a discipline and resilience that now defines his coaching philosophy.

Norris Tshiobi

Introducing Norris Thompson, our newest boxing coach, with an impressive journey from amateur to professional ranks. With 30 victorious bouts out of 31 as an amateur and 10 victories in the professional arena, Norris brings a wealth of experience and passion to coaching. Norris is also one of Ted Bami’s ex-professional boxers who wants to help Ted create new champions.

Specializing in technical teaching, he inspires aspiring boxers to excel both inside and outside the ring, fostering resilience and determination. His teaching style is hands-on and often helps the students by partnering with them to demonstrate the higher levels of boxing.

Dominic Nardizzi

Dominic Nardizzi, is an experienced martial artist since the age of 5, training in Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, before migrating to boxing. For the last decade he has trained in boxing and worked to pass his technical knowledge onto his students. His desire is to support the youth with a passion for boxing to achieve their goals and succeed.

As a registered level 2 amateur boxing coach he trains boxers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned competitors with a focus on technical precision. Dominic’s coaching style is marked by patience, precision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, reflecting his deep love for combat sports and dedication to his craft.