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Personal Training


Unlock personalized training with a one-on-one session tailored to your goals. Benefit from focused attention, honing strengths and addressing weaknesses for a high-quality workout. Accelerate your progress with expert guidance, whether it’s boxing, self-defense, or fitness/weight loss. Our years of expertise ensure every session moves you closer to your desired outcome.

Why do a persontal training session?

Discover the power of personal training sessions tailored to your needs. Benefit from individualized attention, targeted workouts, and expert guidance to accelerate progress. Whether aiming for fitness goals, mastering boxing techniques, or enhancing self-defense skills, personalized sessions offer unmatched results and tailored support for every step of your journey.

Lesson times and dates are flexible and suitable for your needs and coaches can focus on your needs without any distractions.

Who are the coaches?

Discover our diverse team of experienced coaches ready to meet your individual needs. With extensive boxing backgrounds and coaching expertise, they’re equipped to help you thrive. Led by our head coach Ted Bami, a boxing veteran with unparalleled knowledge, our personal training sessions offer tailored guidance for your success.

Choose from a range of specialized coaches, including female-only, amateur, technical, and fitness coaches, all dedicated to supporting you on your fitness journey. Explore our coaches’ page to learn more about our team and find the perfect match for your goals.

How to book a Personal training session

Purchase a session either on our website, or in person with cash or card. Our default sessions are 60 minutes long, but you can have longer or shorter depending on your requirements. For specific quotes please call 0800 772 3590.

After booking a session, you can call us or e-mail [email protected] and let us know the ideal days and times you wish to train as well as your goals and we will find an instructor best suited to helping you!