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Teens Boxing

Teens boxing

Discover the ultimate teen boxing experience at Croydon Boxing Gym! Our mixed ability classes, tailored for ages 12-17, offer intensive fitness routines, technical training, strength conditioning, and more. Boost your teen’s confidence, skill set, and work ethic in a sociable environment where friendships thrive, motivating each other to excel


Explore the reasons why boxing is perfect for teens. As the world’s most popular combat sport, boxing demands stamina, endurance, speed, and technical finesse, traits that resonate with young athletes. Engage in transformative fitness routines that promote an active lifestyle. Unlike other martial arts, boxing offers rapid physical and technical advancement, making it an ideal choice for teenage enthusiasts seeking continuous growth and improvement.



Discover our commitment to strength and conditioning at Croydon Boxing Gym. Our sessions integrate a variety of exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees between rounds, ensuring continuous muscle engagement and robust development. With dedicated core-focused segments in each lesson, we emphasize the importance of a powerful core for boxing's dynamic movements. Experience how enhanced strength translates to improved performance not only in sports but also in daily life."


Experience the dynamic world of boxing at Croydon Boxing Gym, renowned for its unparalleled effectiveness in weight-loss and muscle toning. Our training regimen delivers immense health benefits, including enhanced mood, stamina, and muscle mass. With a focus on stamina-building through running and pushing students to their limits, expect noticeable progress within just one month of dedicated practice.


Discover the power of boxing as an effective self-defense tool at Croydon Boxing Gym. Our training enables quick reactions to unexpected situations, empowering students to defend themselves regardless of location or circumstance. Whether facing a bully at school or an attacker on the street, our techniques provide the skills needed for effective defense in any situation.


Empower students with confidence through our boxing classes at Croydon Boxing Gym. Fostering teamwork and communication skills, our classes inspire progress and self-assurance. Experience physical growth that diminishes concerns about others' opinions, allowing you to embrace your true self with confidence.