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amateur boxing.

Teens boxing contains all the necessary tools to help your child achieve their goals whatever it may be. Our class contains intensive fitness workouts, technical training, strength and conditioning, and more.

Teens boxing is a mixed ability class for ages 12-17, for both male and females. Our boxing classes will help make the student more confident in their abilities and equip them with a powerful skill-set and work-ethic. The classes are sociable environments where students can interact and make friendships, that in turn push one another to achieve.

Why Boxing?

Boxing is the most popular combat sport in the world, and for a good reason. Boxing requires impressive amounts of stamina, endurance, speed, and technical ability to be able to do it correctly. Therefore, professional boxers inspire the younger generation. The fitness aspect alone can change a students life-style towards becoming more active.

Unlike most martial arts, boxing is very easy to pick up. The quick results achieved physically as well as technically encourage further progression.


Key Benefits of boxing


At Croydon Boxing Gym we include a lot of strength and conditioning work into our lessons. Between every round, we do push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, etc. This keeps your muscles engaged and allows for strength development. We also include 10 minutes of abs at every lessons to ensure students have a powerful core. Every movement in boxing requires your core to power and speed, so we put a lot of emphasis on improving it. These effects will carry over to almost every other sporting activity you do, as well as daily life. 


Boxing burns an average of 800 calories per hour, higher than any other sport. Therefore, boxing is often seen as the best form of weigh-loss and muscle toning. Students that train in boxing often gain immense health benefits such as improved mood, stamina, and muscle-mass. Boxing requires a lot of running to have the stamina for 12 rounds of sparring. That is why each lesson must push the student to their limits to encourage development. Students should notice progress as early as one month in.


Boxing is an excellent form of self-defence. It allows for quick reaction to a situation where the student is caught off-guard. Regardless of the location, whether it is cramped or open, you will be able to defend yourself and neutralise attackers using techniques taught in class. Whether it is a bully in school or an attacker on the street, everyone should know how to protect themselves.


Our boxing classes are a great way to build confidence in students. We encourage students to work together to build teamwork and communication skills. Furthermore, students that begin seeing progress in their training will start becoming more confident. As you grow physically you will worry less about other people’s opinions and be comfortable in your own skin.

What is Teens boxing?


The warm-up for our boxing classes consist of an intensive training regime. This includes running, circuits, body-weight exercises, followed by a stretch. We focus on building the students stamina through intense warm-ups and exercises. Mobility is also very important for boxing, as many injuries can happen otherwise. That’s why we spend a good 5 minutes stretching out each muscle and joint to prevent any injuries.


The majority of our classes consist of bag-work exercises. This is to build on the technical side that we teach and help the student remember the correct form. We practice many different combinations on the bag, allowing the students to learn how to generate power between each movement. The resistance from punching the bag also builds the muscles that help generate power and speed, as well as the general fitness from bag-work.


As well as bag work, the instructor may use pads to help students brush up on their form and combinations. Pad-work is ideal in smaller classes to help build technical skill for students. Unlike bag-work, pad-work is of less importance than most people think, even at a high level of boxing. We mainly include this to prepare a boxer for a fight and give their muscles time to rest.


Teens boxing is a mixed ability group. Therefore, students who wish to spar are allowed to under supervised conditions. This includes, permission from their parents, appropriate equipment (mouth-guard, head-guard, 16oz gloves, etc.). Sparring is conducted under the supervision of an instructor only. It is designed to apply the techniques of offence and defence learnt in the lesson in a practical scenario. Students must have signed a waiver form which lists any medical issues they may have before partaking in sparring.


Teen boxers have the option of becoming amateurs if they wish to compete. Amateur boxing can lead to things like the Olympics if they are very succesful. For those who want to compete, they can complete a medical and apply for a boxing license. They would box under Croydon Boxing Gym and be able to participate in tournaments and competitions.

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